Carefully Curated: List of Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Phuket

Phuket, with its sun-kissed terraces and breathtaking sunset views, offers a vibrant scene for rooftop bars and restaurants that stand apart from the skyscraper-filled skylines of Bangkok. The island may not boast the same vertigo-inducing heights, but what it lacks in elevation, it compensates for with carefully curated rooftop establishments. These spots provide not only fantastic panoramic views but also an excellent ambiance, first-class cuisine, and a diverse selection of beverages. In this article, we'll explore the top 5 carefully curated rooftop bars in Phuket, each offering a unique experience.

Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Phuket

1. Casa Boho

Casa Boho's charm extends beyond its breathtaking views and funky ambience. Nestled on the hillside overlooking Kamala Bay, this rooftop gem offers an escape into a world of bohemian luxury. The Roof Terrace, with its infinite sofa and unobstructed views, is a sanctuary for those seeking both relaxation and excitement. The carefully crafted cocktails complement the stunning sunsets, creating a magical atmosphere that lingers long after the sun dips below the horizon. 

Casa Boho's culinary offerings range from daily fresh ceviches to signature tapas and tacos, ensuring a gastronomic journey that mirrors the vibrancy of its surroundings. As the Latin beats set the rhythm for the evening, Casa Boho invites you to not just visit one of the best rooftop bars in Phuket but to embark on a sensory adventure where every sunset becomes a memory, and every dish tells a story.

2. Baba Nest

Situated at Sri Panwa Phuket, Baba Nest is widely regarded as one of the world's best rooftop bars. Despite its relatively short opening hours and remote location, its strikingly simple design, featuring a large open deck surrounded by an infinity-edge pool, sets it apart. The exclusivity of Baba Nest is evident, with limited space and essential reservations. In-house guests and external patrons alike are captivated by the stunning 360-degree views that make this rooftop bar an unforgettable experience.

3. MOJJO Rooftop Bar

Offering a unique and quirky style, MOJJO Rooftop Bar at Quip Bed & Breakfast in Phuket Town stands out as the first rooftop restaurant and bar in the area. Divided into two sections, it boasts a covered dining area perfect for savouring lobster Pad Thai and a lounge with custom-made relaxing seats overlooking the bustling city and a small river. The 5-floor ascent, sans elevator, is rewarded with an exceptional view, making MOJJO a distinctive addition to Phuket's rooftop scene.

4. Quip Sky Bar

Situated on the roof of Quip Bed & Breakfast in Phuket Town, Quip Sky Bar combines great signature cocktails with a lobster-laden menu of Thai dishes. The rooftop is split into two areas, with a covered dining section ideal for indulging in lobster Pad Thai and deep-fried lobster wontons. The lounge area, surrounded by an ornamental pond, provides a unique setting with custom-made relaxing seats. Despite the climb to the 5th floor, the view of the vibrant city and the meandering river makes Quip Sky Bar a worthwhile destination.

5. KEE Sky Lounge & Restaurant

Located at the end of Soi Sea Dragon, KEE Sky Lounge & Restaurant offers a chic and colourful rooftop experience. Accessed via a glass elevator at The Kee Resort & Spa in Patong, this rooftop lounge provides a good view of the centre of Patong. The vibrant atmosphere, combined with a diverse menu of east-meets-west cuisine and an impressive list of 29 cocktails, positions KEE Sky Lounge as an ideal spot for sundowners and the perfect launchpad for a night of revelry.

Finding the Best Rooftop Bar in Phuket

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As you plan your rooftop adventure in Phuket, make sure to include these carefully curated gems on your list. Phuket's rooftop scene stands out as a dynamic blend of breathtaking views, culinary excellence, and vibrant atmospheres. Casa Boho, with its bohemian allure, leads the pack as a must-visit destination for those seeking an elevated experience. Whether you're captivated by Baba Nest's exclusivity, charmed by the quirky style of MOJJO Rooftop Bar, enticed by the lobster-infused offerings at Quip Sky Bar, or drawn to the vibrant ambience of KEE Sky Lounge & Restaurant, each rooftop bar adds a unique chapter to Phuket's nightlife narrative.

Make the most of your time in Phuket, and let the stunning panoramas, delicious cocktails, and eclectic designs transport you to a realm where every rooftop is a stage for unforgettable moments. From the top of the world at Baba Nest to the bohemian haven of Casa Boho, Phuket's rooftop bars offer not just a view, but an experience that lingers in the memory. So, whether you're a seasoned rooftop enthusiast or a first-time explorer, raise a glass to the stars and allow the vibrant spirit of Phuket's top 5 rooftop bars to redefine your nightlife expectations.

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