The Best Phuket Restaurant with Latin Culinary Delights

Phuket island is a famous tropical destination celebrated by travelers worldwide for many things. It offers plentiful and diverse attraction sites, a vibrant nightlife, and the scenic view of the beaches and ocean horizon is astonishing. Among all the activities you can do, Phuket cuisine is also another thing you should consider, especially if you are a foodie visiting the island.

Naturally, Phuket street food is an excellent start to experiencing authentic Thai food. However, there are countless restaurants to choose from, ranging from the freshest seafood, Japanese culinary, and Chinese Hokkien cuisine to western meals from Latin restaurants in Phuket. Phuket restaurants can offer an enticing gastronomic journey to excite your tastebuds and unbeatable scenery to complement your meal.

Finding The Best Phuket Restaurants

The island dining scene is vibrant and full of variety. Without a doubt, one of the best parts of visiting this island is trying out all the different kinds of food that all the Phuket restaurants have to offer.

The search for a restaurant in Phuket may not be a challenge as they can easily be found all over the island. Yet, finding the restaurant that fits your preferences may be difficult. While most established restaurants in Phuket Old Town or popular areas usually offer premium Thai food to tourists, seeking a specific type of restaurant with a distinct menu is normally situated with top resorts. Conversely, a sunset-view restaurant in Phuket with the best scenery and top Mexican dishes might be within a more secluded resort on a quieter beach in Phuket. On this note, restaurants in Kamala Beach might be one of your choices if you prefer a more relaxing culinary experience in a natural setting.

Apart from your personal preferences, there are other underlying factors that contribute to your overall gastronomic experience. This could include the following: 

  • Location - you may have chosen the best rooftop restaurant in Phuket with the most breathtaking view among the island's many eateries and cafés, but if getting there is a hassle, you might as well choose a more convenient option.
  • Atmosphere - for some, a quiet, traditional restaurant to enjoy their meal is the most soothing experience; despite that, some may prefer a romantic restaurant in Phuket to enjoy their dish with their loved ones, and others may enjoy cocktails in a setting where there are DJs, live music, or at a poolside. So be sure to keep these points in mind.
  • Service - exceptional service can leave a lasting impression. If you are one who favors attentive service and holistic care, then you may choose to opt for a Phuket restaurant managed by top hospitality professionals the way to go.

Casa Boho - A Luxurious Latin Restaurant in Phuket


If you are looking for the best Phuket restaurant with Latin, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines, Casa Boho is the perfect place for you. This bohemian-style restaurant is ideally situated on the hillside of Kamala Bay, on the rooftop of Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

Indulge in a covered dining spot with comfortable seating and a range of culinary delights, such as Cuban-style croquettes, tortillas, seafood ceviches, tiraditos, a range of signature desserts, a vast array of cocktails served under the bohemian atmosphere of funky Latin music and lavish nature’s spirit. It can be both a partying restaurant for a group of friends or a romantic restaurant in Phuket for traveling couples.
Apart from the restaurant area, Casa Boho also offers spaces where you can spend your holiday enjoying memorable moments under the shade of warm sunset. This includes The Pool Deck, where you can enjoy your cocktail by the infinity pool while watching the sunset. The Roof Terrace, offering the best panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, making Casa Boho the top oceanview restaurant in Phuket. The Den, a playground space downstairs from the restaurant, is furnished with funky décor and filled with activities that are perfect for a hang-out after a meal.


Whether you visit Phuket with friends or your significant other, Casa Boho is the top Phuket restaurant choice in Kamala Bay, complete with Mexican/Spanish cuisine, bohemian vibes, music and activities, as well as exceptional hotel hospitality - all presented under the roof of the panoramic sky.

Casa Boho Opens Every Day: 12 pm - 10 pm

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