CASA BOHO GRILLED SUMMER VEGETABLES 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479664

Price: THB470

CASA BOHO DE PESCADO TACO 343x514x0x32x343x450x1696479660

Price: THB550

CASA BOHO DE BIRRIA TACO 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479660

Price: THB495

CASA BOHO CHARRED VEGETABLE SKEWERS 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479658

Price: THB175

CASA BOHO JALAPENO POPPERS 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479664

Price: THB195

CASA BOHO CALAMARI 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479656

Price: THB225

CASA BOHO CHICHARRON DE PESCADO 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479658

Price: THB250

CASA BOHO GAMBAS AL PIL PIL 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479662

Price: THB575

CASA BOHO ANTICUCHOS DE POLLO 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479652

Price: THB195

CASA BOHO ANTICUCHOS DE CARNE 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479652

Price: THB250

CASA BOHO EMPANADAS DE CARNE 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479662

Price: THB395

CASA BOHO CROQUETAS DE CARNE ASSADA 343x513x0x31x343x450x1696479660

Price: THB350

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT.