About Us

A restaurant concept inspired by a Bohemian rustic charm, a relaxed design theme that emphasizes nature: homespun, timeworn, handcrafted, distressed items, constructed of natural materials or finished in a natural hue, comfortable, yet colourful, sophisticated and eclectic.

It is a style that is a feast for the senses a design that harmoniously unites contrasting textures, shapes and forms.

Area Overview

Culinary Essence

Cool Bar

Suggested Price: THB 1800

Seafood Tower

Cebiches - mussels chalaca -

tostadas - shrimp cocktail -


Suggested Price: THB 450

Cebiche Classic

Catch of the day, corn, lettuce,

sweet potato, thai chili & leche

de tigre

Suggested Price: THB 470

Apaltado Ceviche

Catch of the day, avocado,

corn, sweet potato, lettuce,

thai chili & leche de tigre

Suggested Price: THB 550

Ceviche Barrio

Catch of the day, shrimp,

octopus, red onions, thai chili &

leche de tigre

Suggested Price: THB 600

Hamachi and corn Aguachile

Hamachi slices over cucumber,

jalapeno and green tomato

aguachile with charred corn

Suggested Price: THB 400

Salmon tiradito

Sashimi grade salmon thinly

slice cover with yellow chili &

leche de tigre

Suggested Price: THB 600

Octopus tiradito

Thinly slice octopus, fried capers, white truffle

oil leche de tigre, olives and red onions

Suggested Price: market price

Oyster 6 - 12 units

Served with mojo, red chili criollo and

chalaca sauce

Suggested Price: THB 350

Tuna Tostadas

Ponzu marinated tuna slices, avocado and

crispy onions in corn tostadas

Suggested Price: THB 200

Watermelon Ceviche

Fresh cold Watermelon with avocado and

Chamoy sauce made from hibiscus

flowers, ancho chilis and tamarind