Explore the 8 Best Night Markets in Phuket

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After the sun goes down, the dark sky will be ignited by the lively ambiance of the night markets in Phuket, Thailand. Besides, the charming cultural experiences, these night markets provide many local foods and souvenirs at friendly prices. 

Let’s explore the 8 best night markets in Phuket to embark on an unforgettable journey through the night.

Explore the 8 Best Night Markets in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations for worldwide travelers, renowned for its crystal-clear water, powdery sand, and vibrant culture that captivates many visitors. Here is a guide to the 8 best night markets in Phuket:

  1. Chillva Market
    Chillva Market is distinguished by its innovative use of repurposed shipping containers as shops, creating a unique and trendy atmosphere. The market offers a wide range of merchandise, from local foods to second-hand clothing, and accessories.  

    The back area of the market called “Chillva Retro” is decorated in Phuket's old town style. It offers numerous unique bars for a drink and a relaxing atmosphere.
    This market is situated at Yaowarat Road, Phuket Town. It opens from Thursday to Saturday from 5 pm. - 11 pm.

  2. Fun Friday Avenue Market
    Fun Friday Avenue Market is a small weekend market that pops up every Friday evening at Boat Avenue on the way to Phuket Laguna. It offers many local foods and souvenirs at reasonable prices.
    This market is located at Bang Tao Beach and opens on every Friday from 5 pm. - 10 pm.

  3. Phuket Walking Street
    Phuket Walking Street, also known as Phuket Old Town Night Market, immerses visitors in the vibrant local culture with its diverse array of southern Thai culinary specialties, unique handcrafted gifts, and family-friendly entertainment options like toy stalls, musical performances, and captivating street acts. This weekly event is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic taste of Phuket's rich heritage.
    This market is located on Thalang Road and opens every Sunday from 4 pm. - 10 pm.

  4. Phuket Indy Night Market
    Phuket Indy Night Market might be less popular than Chillva Market or Phuket Walking Street, but this is where young Thai creators make an income from their handcrafted products like painted shoes, mini keychains, and adorable dolls.

    This market is located at Limelight Avenue, Phuket Town, and opens on Wednesday - Friday from 4 pm. - 10 pm.

  5. Malin Plaza Patong
    Malin Plaza Patong is one of the successful markets in Phuket due to its diverse range of famous local foods, from Phad Thai to mango sticky rice. Moreover, there are seafood stalls where you can select fresh fish, squid, and shrimp for the vendor to cook and serve according to your preferences.
    This market is located at the southern end of Patong Beach and opens daily from 2 pm. - 12 pm.

  6. Kata Night Market
    Kata Night Market operates like a food court, where you can find a variety of local foods, fruits, and beverages at friendly prices. After purchasing and receiving the food, you can sit on any table set in the middle of the market free of charge.

    This market is located at Muang Patak Road and opens daily from 2 pm. - 11 pm.

  7. Naka Weekend Night Market
    Naka Weekend Night Market, also known as Phuket Weekend Market, is a sprawling and vibrant market. It's a treasure trove of sights, sounds, and aromas, offering a diverse and exciting experience for visitors. Besides, there are plenty of activities to keep children entertained, like games and a children's play area.
    This market is located at Thalang Road, Phuket Town, and opens on Saturday and Sunday from 4 pm. - 9 pm.

  8. OTOP Night Market
    OTOP Night Market or OTOP Shopping Paradise was initially designed as a local market to promote handicrafts and authentic products from each province of Thailand. The OTOP stands for “One Tambon One Product,” which means One District One Product. You will find many Thai fashion accessories, local pottery, household items, cotton products, silk garments, and food from each province of Thailand.

    This market is located on Patong Beach, opposite Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters, and opens daily from 10 am. till late.
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the old city Food Market at the Clock Tower in the city of Surin in Isan in Northeast Thailand. Thailand, Isan, Surin, November, 2017

These markets are located in different areas of Phuket. Be sure to select the nearest market from your hotel for the best convenience and allow for sufficient time to explore all that they have to offer.

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